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UC Davis Health is poised to become a world leader in data-driven healthcare delivery and research, including the development of novel health technologies, the creation of new data-driven models of care, and the application of advanced computational methods for health data analysis. The Health Data Resources site is a compilation of the data assets, software tools, and analytics support resources available at UC Davis Health to optimize access to, and facilitate the most effective use of data.

IT Health Informatics (ITHI) provides clinicians, faculty, and staff the ability to leverage the data-rich electronic health records at UC Davis Health. We integrate clinical, financial, and operational data to provide timely information that adds knowledge and identifies opportunities to improve efficiency and patient care. From raw EMR data sources to highly curated and validated datasets, our data assets go beyond making decisions about patients at the time of care to enabling deeper analyses of patient populations.


DocuSign for Researchers 

IT Health Informatics is hosting DocuSign for UC Davis Health School of Medicine researchers who are interested in using this tool for secure signing of consent forms, authorization forms, or other research-related documents. DocuSign provides full document encryption, a tamper-proof audit trail, redundant and geo-dispersed data centers, and is fully compliant with the ESIGN Act.

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Integrated clinical, financial, and operational data that provides timely information, adds knowledge, and identifies opportunities to improve efficiency and patient care.

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Transforming data into information that creates knowledge and actionable insights requires analysis and understandingAnalyze, synthesize, and interpret data from patient records, clinical operations, and other sources.



Research data extracts, reports and dashboards, data curation, consultation, and access to data sources and tools.