There are several recruitment tools options the Clinical Trials Office offers to meet the needs of research teams. In order to assess the needs of each team, a free consultation is provided. Within that consultation, recommendations are made. Below is a list of the study recruitment tools we offer.


StudyPages is an all-in-one platform to recruit and manage research participants, providing a comprehensive portfolio of features in a user-friendly format. The StudyPages study gallery,  team workspaces, and administrative dashboards all work together to engage people in research, communicate with participants and the team, and manage the participant through the clinical process. Contact Fred Stevenson, Clinical Trials Recruitment Program Manager, via for more information.

EMR Research Recruitment

The EMR Research Team was established to help clinical researchers take full advantage of tools within the EPIC electronic medical record system for their research projects. Patient recruitment may be enhanced by EMR research features such as study advertisement via MyUCDavisHealth, or by creating alerts for eligible patients (called best practice advisories or BPAs). To obtain Epic EMR research support for recruitment and other research features, submit an Epic Research Study Specific Change Request.

Public Affairs and Marketing

UC Davis Health's Public Affairs and Marketing team can assist with research-related marketing and communications activities. There are advertising and non-advertising resources to support your research needs. Examples of advertising resources include paid Facebook ads, digital banner ads, and print ads.  Non-advertising resource examples are graphic standards (logos, fonts, colors, etc.), templates (fliers, brochures, slide decks, etc.),  photography, social media (organic and boosted posts), internal communications, and news releases. Learn more at

Regulatory and Feasibility Team

Participant recruitment is a part of the CTSC Clinical Trials Office service called RAFT (regulatory and feasibility team assessment). This is a free consultative service to strengthen proposals by providing Investigators with regulatory and operational expertise to strengthen grant submissions and subsequent successful protocol implementation. During the discussion about the study, team leads from Finance, Coordinator Staff, Regulatory, Logistics, EMR Research, and Recruitment will develop recommendations related to grant submission (I.e., budget or IND) or implementation. For more information, contact RAFT by email,, or view our RAFT Services flyer.