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The Evolution and Value of Continuing Medical Education

Since 1972, the Office of Continuing Medical Education has been an integral part of UC Davis Health — providing quality health education. In an ever-changing medical landscape, our office has adapted, delivering valuable education on national and public health issues, ways to improve quality and improve patient outcomes, and assisting practitioners in learning about new legislative requirements.

Today, we continue to reshape health education. With advances in health care and technology occurring more rapidly than ever before, it's imperative that continuing medical education (CME) be designed and developed to address essential topics, leveraging technology for timely delivery and evaluation of demonstrated quantifiable outcomes.

As an educator, we know imparting education based on adult learning theory is central to excellent patient care and the next generation of health professionals. As you identify opportunities, let us help you create education that makes a long-lasting impact.

Goals for Continuing Medical Education

As part of our ongoing evolution, we've identified eight overarching goals for quality CME:

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  • Targeted Faculty Development
  • Links CME to Quality Improvement
  • Community Education (Regional Affiliate Needs)
  • Interprofessional Hybrid Learning

  • Clinical-Based CME Initiatives
  • Curriculum Focused on Transition to Practice
  • Links CME to State Licensure and Certification
  • Link CME to graduate medical education (GME) and undergraduate medical education (UME)